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Here are some comments from clients I have worked with recently

"Working with Ava has meant I have gone from an occassional excerciser with good intentions to working out at least three times per week. I feel great as a result and my energy levels and sense of all round optimism have both increased immeasurably...thanks Ava." 

N. Robertson Whitstable

“Ava takes what she does very seriously and is excellent at explaining things, I have never felt intimidtaed or confused under her tutelage. She also knows how to have a laugh too....vital for me !”

"I decided to take a personal trainer and get fit to avoid having to go on medication for Type 2 Diabetes, Ava has helped me to acheive this... I can also now do press ups !

"I have been doing Ava's fitness yoga for four years and I love it. It keeps me strong and flexible giving my muscles a much needed stretch. It's also a bit of 'me time' where I can relax my mind and mentally unwind. Ava runs a great class, open to people of all abilities."


A. Brown Whitstable

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