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Training, Group Sessions & Classes

I am currently offering one-to-one personal training sessions or small group sessions of two or three people. These sessions take place outside by the sea, local open space, at your home or garden. The initial meeting & consultation is free. I also offer Group Interval Training sessions and Freestyle Fitness Yoga classes.

Personal Training

Providing regular training sessions and using my expertise and skill, I will help you achieve your health and fitness goals; offering support, advice, motivation and guidance throughout your training. I will create a personalised programme for you based on your individual needs and ability. This can include cardio-vascular workouts, strength building, circuit training, interval training, stretch and body conditioning. I will give you the knowledge & confidence to train by yourself and continue your fitness journey for the rest of your life.

I can also train small groups of two to three people who have similar goals but would like to share the cost.

Run Club Interval Training


Do you need motivation when exercising? Run club is an interval training session in a small friendly group. Including short running intervals and steps training. We meet at the seafront by Tankerton Slopes and make use of the many flights of steps and the grassy strip above the beach for our workout. This is proving really popular and great for those who have previoulsy had good intentions but not always managed to put that into a regular routine. We meet in all weather all year round!

Freestyle Fitness Yoga


Freestyle Fitness Yoga incorporates deep stretch, yoga postures and fitness exercises. Every element of Freestyle Fitness Yoga is validated from a fitness perspective. Participants can expect to improve their flexibility, strengthen muscles and joints, identify the stabilizing muscles and use them to improve posture and balance.


Freestyle Fitness Yoga is not a spiritual experience. It is similar to Yoga in it’s breathing and style but there is no chanting or philosophy attached to this workout.

The postures are prescribed from an anatomical and physiological perspective using the language of fitness.


Fitness exercises that target the body's postural muscles are included, this encourages body conditioning and strengthening. The postures are practised in a flowing sequence making the transitions seamless and graceful. We do incorporate some seated and reposed postures and include a calming and tranquil relaxation period at the end of the sessions.

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